THINK Climate

THINK Climate

We can build a business, change the world and have fun.

On November 20th, we invite you to join us for an event about climate change in association with Al Gore's Climate Reality Project. For a full 24-hour period, Climate Reality leaders around the world trained by former Vice President Al Gore will hold public conversations and presentations. Climate Change is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced but both its causes and solutions are complex.

THINK Climate is hosted by IBM which will tackle three key questions:

Must we change? Can we change? Will we change?

THINK Climate is a fast-paced and fun evening event where you will hear from business professionals, scientists and climate activists, who will be giving a truthful and hopeful take on how we can solve the Climate Crisis. We hope you will also join us for drinks after the event to continue the conversation.

Headline Speakers

Dorothy Shaver Global Sustainability Lead - Unilever

Jeremy Waite Climate Reality Leader & Chief Customer Officer - IBM iX

Dr. Murray Simpson IBM Global Lead, Climate Risk & Resilience

Why come?

  • Learn about the reality of the Climate Crisis.
  • What does the science say and why should we care?
  • What can we do personally and professionally to make a difference?

Who is it for ?

Anybody who is interested in learning how we can tackle the Climate Crisis together.

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For each audience member coming to the event, Climate Reality will plant one tree on their behalf in partnership with One Tree Planted.