About us

We are a group of volunteers at IBM who are passionate about our planet.

Our team

  • Profile image of Sophie Blank

    Sophie Blank

    Sophie Blank is a Digital Consultant for IBM iX. During her BSc and MSc in International Relations and War Studies, she focussed largely on the impact of climate change on migration and conflict. In the past, she volunteered for Unite 2030, an NGO empowering young leaders to develop solutions to the world’s biggest challenges, the United Nations SDGs.

    Sophie is particularly interested in sustainable investment. We, as individuals, can have an impact on what the future looks like by investing our money into a better world. It is an easy way of signalling to companies that change is needed to attract investments. Find me on Instagram: @annsophieblank and Twitter: @annsophieblank

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  • Profile image of Jeremy Connell-Waite

    Jeremy Connell-Waite

    Jeremy Connell-Waite is Chief Customer Officer for IBM iX. Jeremy travels around the world talking to executives from sustainable brands about changing consumer trends, digital transformation, AI and the future of cloud computing. He is also an IBM ambassador who helps companies combat climate change through the use of technology and is a European leader for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. He has been voted the most influential person on twitter for BigData and one of the world’s top 100 digital marketers. In previous roles he was the CSO of IBM Watson Customer Engagement, Head of Strategy for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Head of Social Strategy for Adobe Marketing Cloud. Jeremy is the host of The TenWords podcast and the author of four books.

    My pledge

    My pledge is to help executives care about the climate crisis by showing that it is possible to save money and save the planet.

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  • Profile image of Jerome Greutmann

    Jerome Greutmann

    Jerome is a Service Designer who has spent the past few years researching the climate crisis and it’s solutions. As a member of the London Design + Climate Network and co-lead of the Service Design community within IBM, he is actively working to embed sustainability into IBM’s design approach. Twitter: @jeromegreutmann

    My pledge

    • 2 Vegan and 1 Vegetarian meals a day
    • At most 2 personal roundtrip flights a year
    • Choose alternative transport methods at every opportunity
    • Create and apply a sustainable design framework before the summer of 2020
    • Speak up, discuss and learn about the climate crisis with friends and colleagues

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  • Profile image of Anthony Huntley

    Anthony Huntley

    Anthony Huntley helps businesses to leverage weather and climate data in their business decisions to create value for their customers, society and shareholders. As IBM’s Leader for Weather Services & Analytics in the UK, he works with business in every industry, from leading food retailers, to F1 teams, to advance from hoping that weather is favourable for their business, to capitalising on whatever the weather brings. With IBM’s ‘The Weather Company’ and with the world’s leading weather data, he helps improve forecasts of renewable energy generation, minimise wastage with retailer demand forecasting, and help enhance precision agriculture techniques to increase yield to feed the world. As a founding member of the Global Climate Risk, Transition & Resilience offering, he helps companies to quantify their climate related financial risk, and how to minimise it; in the process, making companies much more conscious about what their own climate impact is, and how they can reduce it. Outside of work he loves to learn, get into nature and capture photos & drone videos of our incredible world.

    My pledge

    My pledge is to continue eat as a ‘Flexitarian’, reducing my red meat consumption (as it’s the worst offender in terms of negative carbon impact), live a ‘minimalist lifestyle’ to reduce my personal consumption carbon footprint, and help others find great resources helping address the climate crisis both inside IBM, and beyond.

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  • Profile image of Cecilia Isvén

    Cecilia Isvén

    Cecilia helps organisations understand the impact of weather on their business as the European Technical lead for IBM’s Weather Services. She gets particularly excited about opportunities to improve businesses’ environmental footprints. She watched Al Gore speak about an Inconvenient Truth in Stockholm in 2004 which drove her decision to study Environmental Engineering. After graduating, she conducted flood risk assessments, looking at projections of sea level rise in the UK on a daily basis. Feeling there was more that could be done, she is at IBM to be part of a bigger community and to find out how technology can be part of the solution.

    My pledge

    My pledge is to speak up about climate change and to use my voice to make an impact through my work. On a personal level, I take no internal flights and maximise remote working options; eat vegetarian or vegan a majority of the time; and vote for effective environmental policies in all elections I can.

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  • Profile image of Sally Northmore

    Sally Northmore

    Sally is a Senior Interactive Developer at IBM iX. She has worked in the digital space for over ten years; first, as a writer and a cofounder of a women's tech group, then in more recent years as a web developer. She freelanced building digital products with agencies, startups, fashion, publishers, arts charities and financial tech companies before recently landing at iX. After reading Nathaniel Rich's Losing Earth in 2018, she decided she wanted to learn as much as possible around climate change and what digital efforts can be made in this space. Most recently she volunteered on the Digital Climate Strike campaign, with a reach of over 1.5 million. She experiments with a greener lifestyle on The Switch. sallynorthmore.com.

    My pledge

    • To eat a meatless diet (exceptions when I'm a guest)
    • To only rent electric cars
    • To speak boldly about the climate
    • To vote for a Green New Deal

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  • Profile image of Sarah Powell

    Sarah Powell

    Sarah Powell is a Senior Managing Consultant within IBM’s Energy, Environment & Utilities industry team in Europe. With a background in organisational change and transformation, Sarah’s goal is to develop cross-industry solutions, using exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Advanced Analytics, to challenge existing behaviours, ecosystems and business models, in the quest for cleaner, greener and more sustainable living. Sarah’s passion for sustainability was reinforced through her recent sabbatical to the Americas, where she witnessed the devastating effects of plastic pollution and climate change first-hand.

    My pledge

    I pledge to be bold, ambitious and innovative. To not only make my clients successful, but do so in a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable way. The needs and solutions are all around us and we have the skills, knowledge, platform and network to make this happen.

  • Profile image of Pietro Piantanida

    Pietro Piantanida

    Pietro is a Digital Consultant for IBM iX. In 2017, he has attended the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Switzerland and the Circular Economy summit 2019 in London. Fuelled by a year's backpacking around the world, falling in love with nature's wonders, Pietro has grown passionate about the issues concerning global warming, and is on the quest to use the power of storytelling, technology and human creativity to drive social and environmental change.

    My pledge

    • Become a Climate Reality leader by end of 2020
    • Speak boldly and spread the word on the climate crisis
    • Don’t buy from fast fashion brands
    • Don’t buy plastic bottles and vegetables in plastic containers
    • Reduce meat to twice a week

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  • Profile image of Mansha Rajani

    Mansha Rajani

    Mansha is a placement student from the University of Bath and is currently supporting the leadership team of the BP IA in account management. Mansha is also helping support ‘Connected Innovation’, a project that enables the identification, proving and scaling of innovative ideas throughout Alternative Energy, Shipping and Group Functions within BP. Mansha is interested in how small, incremental, individual changes can help in the movement against climate change.

    My pledge

    I pledge to reduce my use of single-use plastics and be more energy efficient.

  • Profile image of Max Rickards

    Max Rickards

    I currently work within an integrated agile team as a visual designer, designing an improved user interface for technicians worldwide. In my spare time I am a keen photographer and travel around London capturing the energy the city generates and documenting these photos on my website maxrickards.com

    My pledge

    I pledge to expand my knowledge of climate and research the impacts my daily actions have to this earth - and work out ways on how to reduce them.

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